Sponsored Riders – Spring 2021

30 January 2021by Molly-Ann Osborne
I’m amazed with the amount of applications I’ve had. It’s been so difficult to choose just two riders to sponsor!
When choosing the sponsored rider I was looking for someone with very specific goals and ambitions to develop their jumping career or hobby, even if they struggled to articulate that themselves. I never expected as many people to apply who did, all different ages and abilities. It has been quite overwhelmingand if I do say, quite exciting.
It is with great pleasure I am proud to announce my sponsored riders of the Spring 2021 is are Emily Chapman and Emily Jane Curtis!
Emily Chapman is aged 13 and rides her 13 year old coloured mare called ‘Rosie’. They have done some eventing previously however want to progress with their showjumping! Emily and Rosie have had an incredible partnership for nearly a year now and I truly look forward to being apart of this amazing journey!
Emily Jane Curtis is a 25 year old rider who owns a lovely coloured mare called Minnie! Emily and Minnie love their cross country (and tackless riding).  They’ve created an incredible bond together but despite this Emily lacks confidence when they are showjumping together. I can’t wait to be involved in their future and look forward working with Emily and building her confidence!


Both these winners will receive eight coaching sessions during Spring to support them in achieving their equestrian goals, which will include fitness advice, competition support and SMART goal setting.
I couldn’t end just there though. With so many great applications I simply couldn’t choose just two riders, so I’ve decided on two “runners up” prizes and am pleased to offer one free lessons as runner up prizes. These two runners up came very close!
I am very pleased to announce my two runners up are Sammy Diamond and Liv Askew, I can’t wait to get to meet them both for their free coaching session.
Finally, I would very much like to give a Massive thank you to all those that applied and all the support I’ve had from everyone to get to here.


I am active on social media, mainly through my Instagram account but also through my equestrian Facebook page. These are both linked to below, please do click through and follow if you’d like to be kept up to date with my activities as well as receive regular coaching and training updates.


Are you just starting out on your equestrian journey? If so then I’d recommend starting your BHS Stage 1 in Horse Care, and if you are local to Blisworth/Roade in Northamptonshire I also run the Pony Club in that area.

Please get in contact to discuss these options and how I can help you get off to a great start in horse care and riding.



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