Professional Freelance Equestrian Services

Grooming is a very varied and extremely important part of horse care and wellbeing. An equine groom may be called upon for a number of reasons. This can include anything from holiday cover when the horse owner is away and they need someone to look after the wellbeing and care for their horse, right through to supporting a competitive rider during a competition. Grooms also hold horses for treatment such as the farrier or vet, and assist with any rider tasks, like warming up and cooling down the horse for the rider.

At all times the grooms responsibility is the care, wellbeing and preparation of the horse leaving the horse owner and rider to do what they need to do.

With more than 10 years equestrian experience and as a BHS qualified Level 2 groom, Molly-Ann can provide freelance groom services to horse owners and competitive riders in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Having experienced working at professional equestrian yards including Brampton Stables and Dovecote Farm (Team Stockdale), and have supported show jumper Michaela Webb as her groom during competitions, you will find her quality of workmanship to the highest of standards.


It is important to choose a groom who will understand both your needs and those of your equine. Ensuring whilst under the care of the groom your horse receives the right level of care and attention they are accustomed to receiving from yourself.

As a both a horse lover and self-employed freelance groom, Molly-Ann will care for your horses as she would her own. With experience across a full range of yard duties and horse care, she is able to provide support from both holiday cover to more long term horse care and exercise.


Price list for freelance grooming services. All services are charged by per hour except for competition groom which is charged at a per day rate.

Horse Exercise£15.00 p/horse
Show Groom£40.00 (half day)
Show Groom£75.00 (full day)


As a competition groom to a showjumping competitor, Molly-Ann maintains an air of calm ensuring the equine is ready and the rider may focus on preparing them self.

When participating in a competition the last thing a rider needs to worry about is whether their horse is ready or what the running order is. These are just some of the considerations an experienced groom takes care of during a competition, helping the rider maintain their own composure and that of the horse.


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Are you just starting out on your equestrian journey? If so then I’d recommend starting your BHS Stage 1 in Horse Care, and if you are local to Blisworth/Roade in Northamptonshire I also run the Pony Club in that area.

Please get in contact to discuss these options and how I can help you get off to a great start in horse care and riding.

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